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You can make a difference

We need your help now, more than ever. In the midst of a global pandemic, kids are spending more time indoors, on screens, than ever before. Creating opportunities for safe, outdoor learning and social connection is desperately needed.

We are relying on your generosity to lead us toward the day when every child can grow up feeling connected to the community of living beings on our planet.

Ready to Get Outside?

Choose a program by TYPE

Ages 3-5

  • Coyote Kids Immersion has a session just for preschoolers on Wednesdays for the Wildkin Village curricula.
    • Wednesdays, 1-5pm

Ages 6-12

  • Coyote Kids Immersion features different curriculum each day.
    • Weekly for a semester, 10-2pm on Monday, Tuesday, and/or Wednesday
  • Coyote Kids! Afterschool helps students achieve a certification in one of our Learning Pathways.
    • Weekly for a semester, 3-5pm, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday

Middle and High School

Students who have completed Young Mentors can register to be a CIT at Coyote Kids! Immersion.

Program Options:

  • Coyote Kids Immersion features different curriculum daily. Up to age 12.
    • Weekly for a semester, 1-5pm on Monday, Tuesday, and/or Wednesday (one to three days)
  • Coyote Kids! Afterschool helps students achieve a certification in one of our Learning Pathways. Up to age 12.
    • Weekly for a semester, 3-5pm, on Tuesday or Wednesday (one day)
  • FOREST Understory: Foundations features foundational skills for wilderness self-reliance and for joining our capstone FOREST Immersion program. (1st Saturdays)
    • *Full for 2020-2021* 1 Saturday monthly for 9 months, 9:30am-3:30pm
  • FOREST is our profound, flagship 9-month experience.
    • *Full for 2020-2021* Weekday evenings and one weekend a month

*Spring semester programs are coming soon! Stay tuned.*

More than just playing outside…

Term-length school-year programs for ages 3-13

Coyote Kids! features unique nature connection programs, utilizing an approach rooted in ancient knowledge, filled with real-life experience, and sprinkled with a touch of mystery. More than just outdoor play, we  transform the way students see the world. Our programs include certification in our four Learning Pathways, focused naturalist studies, and personal growth mentoring though forest play. Programs range from 2 hours once weekly (exploring nature right outside your door!) to 4 hours three days a week.

9-month programs for middle/high school age

FOREST students form profound connections with peers, inspiring mentors, and the earth that begin a lifetime of outdoor learning. These students are dedicated to personal growth and work with some of our most veteran staff to deepen their nature and survival skills as well as nurture their leadership abilities. FOREST mentors know and value each student for who they are and grow capable, confident leaders who work to expand their skills and push their personal comfort edges. These abilities and experiences will be a strong foundation for growth in all aspects of life.

Year-round immersive experiences for ages 6-17

Nature Camps

The perfect blend of adventure play, fantasy, and outdoor skills. Nature camps help kids build self-confidence, develop strong social skills, learn to assess risk, cultivate a passion for learning and discovery, grow their leadership skills, and become resilient to life’s challenges. Plus, campers develop a lifelong connection to the natural world. We offer five-day camps during the summer and one-day camps during the school-year. Nature camps have themes based on child passions (like School of Wizardry & Minecrafters) and based on student skill interests (like Fish Finders & Leathercrafters).

Experienced Professionals

Hands-on Attention

Based in Eugene, Oregon

"My child adores the programs and camps put on by Whole Earth. Whether for a day, a week, or the whole semester, he always has an adventure and learns so much. He is much more aware of his surroundings and the effect we have on them."
"These camps provide more than just outside play time. The kids come away with a real knowledge of ecology and our place in the wilderness. The whole program is well organized and authentic in its commitment to teaching our kids to respect and honor our natural surroundings. Bravo."
"I appreciate that the kids have experiences that are just outside their comfort zone. The instructors provide a safe and caring environment for all children to grow and learn. Our girls have learned a lot of new skills and gained great confidence in being outdoors."

Where is my camp? How should I prepare? What should I pack? What can I expect? All the information you seek is located here.


Nature connection is for everyone. That’s why we are committed to making nature camps accessible for as many families as possible. We are proud to offer need-based scholarships for families who would like to attend our programs. Discounts are available for up to half off the program cost.


Make a difference in our community by sharing your nature connection with kids. Plus you can learn new outdoor skills and games. We have a variety of schedules and commitment levels available, depending on your experience and schedule. Training is provided.

Coyote Outdoor School

During the regular school year, Oregon fifth and sixth graders attend 3-6 day Outdoor School programs and receive funding from the state to cover costs. At Coyote Outdoor School, students develop better scientific skills and ecological understanding but also greater self-confidence, new human and non-human friends, curiosity to discover more, and gratitude for nature’s gifts. Our overnight programs enhance students’ connection to self, community, and nature.