Nature Kinship.

Confidence. Resilience. Nature Kinship.

A healthy balance of skills, challenge, and fantasy. Adventure in the woods with us while learning new skills, cultivating new awareness, and developing a new sense of place.

Step off the bus and into a forest full of mysteries and fun adventures. Coyote Outdoor School invites 5th and 6th graders to explore diverse landscapes full of old growth trees, dancing creeks, and endless animal trails.

More than Just Playing OUtside...


Whole Earth Nature School offers a unique and transformative approach to experiencing nature. Through over a decade of offering environmental immersion programs we have created an approach rooted in ancient knowledge, filled with real life experience, and sprinkled with a touch of magic.  It’s not just outdoor play, it will transform the way you see the world.

“12 Simple Steps to Nature Connection”

Free 12-week course

Transform your life or the life of a child with just a few new habits.

"My child adores the programs and camps put on by Whole Earth. Whether for a day, a week, or the whole semester, he always has an adventure and learns so much. He is much more aware of his surroundings and the effect we have on them."
Lev Erstein
"Ayala has always been a sweetheart of a girl, but your programs really brought out her confidence. And she never liked getting dirty before. Now she comes home muddy every day, and just loves it. Your programs have changed so many aspect in her life, and has affected our lives as well."
Emily Patterson-Mill
"She gets dirty and loves it. She tells me about what she learns and in a way, I get to participate too. I love that she feels confident in nature and is fostering a love of being out in the woods."
Kevin Pratt

Experienced Professionals

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