Archers of Sherwood Forest

Ages 12-15
Build your own bow and learn how to shoot it.

Immerse yourself into the ancient art of archery and bow making. This camp provides an opportunity to dive into this ancient craft. Every student will use hand tools to make their own bow! Archery CampRefine your bow-making skills as you form your own traditional longbow. Let our staff guide you as you shape your stave into the perfect bow. You will learn about the art of tillering to get your bow to bend just right. Also, make your own bowstring. We will play on the woods with safe, foam arrows. Plus, spend ample time practicing archery at our own private archery range. Our expert instructors will guide you through proper technique as well as the use of several kinds of traditional and modern bows. Hone your archery craft like hunters and warriors of old.

Students will:

Practice archery on our own private range
Learn crucial archery safety skills
Make a hickory longbow to take home
Make a bow string
Play stealth games with safe, foam arrows
Please note: Students at this camp will be finishing their bows using traditional hand tools. This can be a tedious process and requires some patience from the bow maker. Please come prepared to spend much of your camp time crafting your bow, quiver, and string.

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