Artist Activists

A close study of place will reveal broader truths that go beyond that place. Storytelling and poetry, observation and experiment, myth and mathematics are all authentic windows on the world. There is wisdom to be gained; that the more we know about the natural world and the place of humans in the world, the greater our insight into how we ought to live our lives.” ~ HJ Andrews Experimental Forest

In this camp, kids will learn how to expand their awareness of the natural world and translate their experience into personal expression.

We will guide students on sensory explorations of the forest, centering our observations upon forests as places of change, regeneration, diversity, and a constant flow of energy. Through special techniques in drawing, writing, and other art forms, students will be able to share their experience and newfound knowledge. They art they create will inspire their friends, families, and the broader community to appreciate and caretend for Pacific Northwest forests.

Students will:

– “Meet a Tree” blindfolded to open senses besides sight and get to know the forest’s most prominent citizens.

– Write Hike-kus that help them tune in to what they notice and wonder in the forest

– Create Andy Goldsworthy-style nature art using found objects

– Learn to use performance art to capture their Sit Spot observations

– Experiment with soil textures through making small ceramic projects

– Play fun games like “Earth, Wind, and Fire” that are just for big kids!

– Have their art published on a special page on our website so they can share it with family and friends.

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