Big Bear Village

Ages 10-12
Dirt. Food. Gnarly. Experience the most epic nature camp experience we have to offer.

Visit Big Bear Valley…

Lost in the old coastal mountains is a land where the water runs clear and clean and the Coho Salmon come to spawn. Ancient trees stand tall and regal. This is a place where black bears den and raise their young and where cougars travel the ridges looking for food. In this hidden protected valley is where we will build Big Bear Village.

“This is the first time we have picked up our daughter from overnight camp and found her connecting with so many kids… She came home feeling really good and really positive. Thank you!”

Big Bear Village is a unique and unmatched outdoor experience. Students begin their week with an immediate immersion into nature as we jump right in to Miller Creek and go exploring. (Eat lunch before arriving to camp.) The explorations and challenges grow from there. Students will practice basic outdoor survival skills through practical application. The group will build primitive shelters and every student will be given the opportunity to spend the night in one, should they choose. Every night our campfires will be lit by the ancient bowdrill technology. We’ll go on an epic hike where kids will get to choose to either challenge themselves to complete a challenging all-day route, or visit the four directions from main camp where they will harvest local plants and play amongst the trees and ferns. Campers will also have a choice of several electives such as archery, tracking, ethnobotany, wood carving, making baskets, and more.

Each night at Big Bear we have a special night activity planned. These range from the always-popular Invisible Capture the Flag to the challenging Blindfolded Drum Stalk. During every night activity our instructors will be on hand to support campers to become more comfortable and confident in themselves. We also sing and laugh around the evening fire.

Kids at Big Bear are also expected to put in some work to support their fellow campers. It’s called Big Bear VILLAGE for a reason. Each day at Big Bear campers will have rotating responsibilities to help camp function smoothly. This may include assisting our amazing kitchen staff in preparing gourmet meals for the camp. We have developed relationships with many local farms and food producers to provide our campers with wholesome foods which the majority have been organically grown right in the South Willamette Valley.

Lodging at Big Bear Village will consist of tents and yurts. Students will bring their own sleeping bags. Instructors will sleep in or next to the tents and yurts.

On the final night of camp students will gather around the fire and hear a beautiful story dramatically read by our Director. The students will be invited to bring their sleeping bags and pillows to the fire to fall asleep under the stars while the sweet story is being read, and wake up together to the fire being stoked, the morning sun, and the smell of breakfast wafting from the outdoor kitchen.

Included with your tuition is our locally designed and screenprinted Whole Earth Nature School t-shirt, a custom nature journal, and your choice of pocket field guide. (Whole Earth Nature School stainless steel water bottle available for $20 cash at camp, while supplies last.)

Camp begins at 2pm on Sunday and ends at 4pm Friday. (Please eat lunch before arriving to camp.) Parents/relatives are invited for a Camp Showcase Friday at 3pm.

Campers 10-12 will:
Practice target archery
Build survival shelters and have the opportunity to sleep in them
Make wooden spoons
Play night games
Sing and tell stories around the big campfire
Gather wild edible plants
Go on epic hikes
Learn full body natural camouflage
Assist with cooking and clean-up
Make fire by friction

And more!

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