Spring Break Camps

Our spring break camps take place during the same week as 4J’s spring break. 

  • Hours: 9:30am-3:30pm
  • Location: Hendricks Park
  • Enrollment: Open until Friday, March 18th
  • Minimum group size to run programs: 6 students

Wizards Academy:

Fire & Water

  • Grades: Sessions for grades K-2nd only
  • When: Monday-Friday, March 21st-25th
  • Tuition: $365

Cutting Edge: (Cancelled)

Whittling Foundations

This session has been cancelled due to low enrollment

More about Wizards Academy: Fire & Water

[Updates pending release]

  • Make drinkable potions like foraged herbal tea and “rock” chocolate (boiled with fire-heated rocks!)
  • “Magically” summon fires from friction or rocks
  • Make a wizard staff for keeping warm and dry from tarps and from forest sticks & leaves
  • Journal fun plant “spells” where the ethnobotanical uses of the plants come to life through pretend play
  • Connect with wildlife by journaling the magical creatures of the forest in your Tome

More about Cutting Edge: Whittling Foundations

Crafting things from wood is one of the oldest human technologies and it is still used today by people all over the world. Objects you craft out of wood are beautiful, durable, and practical. And the possibilities of what you can create are almost endless. 

During Cutting Edge camp students will be introduced to basic whittling skills and techniques. You will learn to design and conceptualize a project from start to finish. Students will be involved in outlining their project, choosing wild and reclaimed materials, sawing off chunks of wood, basic shaping, finishing with sanding, and adding decorative touches to finished products. 

Each student will have the opportunity to take home a few finished projects. But more than that, you will come away feeling more confident in your ability to practice this ancient skill to create whenever you want in the future.

Preparing For Camp

Where is my camp? How should I prepare? What should I pack? What can I expect? All the information you seek is located here.

Hendricks Park

Hendricks Park is Eugene’s oldest city park. Its 78 acres include a mature forest, a world-renowned rhododendron garden, and now a new native plant garden. Laced with trails, the park is a haven for hikers, birders, and others who enjoy retreating to the tranquility of nature. Without leaving the city, visitors can walk among Douglas fir trees two hundred years old, ferns, and wildflowers such as trilliums and irises, and over six thousand varieties of rhododendrons and other ornamental plants.