Winter/Spring Break Camps

Spring Break Day Camps

  • Camps are 9-3:30pm for grades K-5.
  • Spring Break Camps take place at Mount Pisgah Arboretum.
  • Camps are $67. Scholarships available.


March 23rd

"Earth Ninja"

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Discover stillness, awareness and stealth.  By understanding movement and camouflage we learn to travel unseen and unheard in any environment. You will also learn to read tracks and understand the language of birds to foretell of any approaching danger.


March 24th

"Living off the Land"

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Learn modern, historical, and pre-historical ways humans thrived in nature.  In this camp, students will learn traditional ecological knowledge, ancient skills, and modern homesteading skills.


March 25th

"School of Wizardry"

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A mysterious invitation arrives by owl one day… Come to the Corvus School of Wizardry to  make a wand and take classes in herbology (plants and their uses), transfiguration (how to move like an animal) and divination (using your sixth sense, intuition).


March 26th


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Transform yourself into a local animal and learn what it takes for that animal to survive! We will journal the animal we become and then use our bodies and imaginations as we play games and explore what it is like to find food, shelter, and protection from predators as that animal.


March 27th

"Prehistoric Adventures"

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Track dinosaurs and learn the skills of prehistoric people! You’ll play paleontologist by studying rocks and animal tracks, then play prehistoric human and learn to make and use tools that have shaped who we are today!

Preparing For Camp

Where is my camp? How should I prepare? What should I pack? What can I expect? All the information you seek is located here.


Nature connection is for everyone. That’s why we are committed to making nature camps accessible for as many families as possible. We are proud to offer need-based scholarships for families who would like to attend our programs. Discounts are available for up to half off the program cost.

At Hendricks Park & Mount Pisgah Arboretum

Hendricks Park is Eugene’s oldest city park. Its 78 acres include a mature forest, a world-renowned rhododendron garden, and now a new native plant garden. Laced with trails, the park is a haven for hikers, birders, and others who enjoy retreating to the tranquility of nature. Without leaving the city, visitors can walk among Douglas fir trees two hundred years old, ferns, and wildflowers such as trilliums and irises, and over six thousand varieties of rhododendrons and other ornamental plants.

One of the shining jewels of Lane County, Mount Pisgah Arboretum is a 209-acre living tree museum. Its riverside trails, quiet paths through evergreen forests, water garden teeming with life, bright wildflower meadows, and open views across oak savannas delight all ages.