Camp Artemis: Girls 10-15

Two-thirds full!Ages 10-15
The ultimate nature camp experience, for girls only!

Unfortunately, all overnight camp programs are canceled for 2020. Our student’s safety is our top priority and we did not feel we could offer an overnight experience that honors current guidance from the Governor’s office and the Oregon Health Authority. If you already enrolled in camp we will be contacting you soon about refunds and alternate program options. 

“Camp Artemis is tremendously important to my child… Thank you. She feels empowered, capable, valued in a way no other program gives her.”

Artemis, protector of the forest, looked up from the backpack she was crafting of natural materials. One of her allies in the forest, a chickadee, had called her attention. A danger approached the forest, just a mile north of the creek where she had stopped to work. She let out a bird alarm of her own, and her handful of friends answered back. They gathered by the old bear tunnels with their bows in hand and listened for the next alarm. “Over here!” a squirrel barked just 100 paces away. They couldn’t see through the brush, but they knew the spot–something was in their huckleberry patch! Artemis and her friends glanced at each other and nodded before splitting up, disappearing silently into the brush. Whatever danger lie ahead, they would face it and defend the creatures of the forest together.

Camp Artemis is the ultimate Nature Camp, for Girls only! Spend a full week living with the forest at Beautiful Big Bear Camp. This week will be filled with amazing crafts, skills, and friends. Girls at Camp Artemis will learn amazing skills to help them become protectors of the forest, just like the mythical Artemis. We will practice our crafts together as we learn to make baskets and work with leather. We will learn to listen to the forest by studying the language of the birds. We will practice archery with real targets as well as foam arrows. Every evening campfire at Camp Artemis is lit in the ancient way with friction fire. Plus, learn to know the wild plant foods and medicines that grow in the forest. Along with all this there will be opportunities to push yourself to grow stronger and take on any challenge together with your fellow campers. Campfire conversations with your fellow campers will help you to discover self-esteem and confidence. Instructors will be there to guide you and empower you to take on these challenging skills and find the confidence that comes from knowing you can take care of yourself in the woods.

Camp will culminate with a ceremony to celebrate your strength, growth, and self-awareness.

Girls at Camp Artemis will also take part in crafting gourmet meals for camp made from local, organic ingredients.

Lodging at Camp Artemis will consist of tents and yurts. Students will bring their own sleeping bags.


Included with your tuition is our locally designed and screenprinted Whole Earth Nature School t-shirt, a custom nature journal, and your choice of pocket field guide. (Whole Earth Nature School stainless steel water bottle available for $20 cash at camp, while supplies last.)

Camp begins at 1pm on Sunday and ends at 5pm Friday. (Please eat lunch before arriving to camp.) Parents/relatives are invited for a Camp Showcase Friday at 4pm.

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