Camp Little Bear

Ages 7-10
Learn awesome survival skills and camp out in the woods!

Surviving in the wilderness doesn’t have to be a struggle. In this camp we practice the ancient skills of survival that kept our ancestors alive. Our days will be spent exploring the woods in search of adventure. Meanwhile we will create our own “”primitive camp”” as a home base. Our home is made by our own hands as we design a shelter that can keep us warm and dry. Our fire is made without matches as we practice the ancient art of friction fire. We will become part of our landscape as we track and trail wildlife through their forest home. We will also find nourishment from safely collecting the wild edible plants. PLUS Camp Little Bear includes a pot luck dinner on Thursday and overnight camp out at Lane Community College. Parents should be prepared to join us at 6:00PM Thursday evening to share food and hear stories from the week. Please bring a dish to share, as well as plates/bowls/cups/utensils for your family. Campers and their instructors will then camp out either in the shelter they created or in a provided tent. We will provide breakfast for campers on Friday morning as well as a mid-morning snack. Please note: Camp will end at 12:00 noon on Friday.

Students will:
Build survival shelters from natural materials
Gather wild edible plants
Learn about wild medicinal herbs
Learn how to create and use fire safely
Camp out on Thursday night!

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