Young Mentors

Coyote Leadership Training:

So, you’ve been doing the nature camp thing for a while now and you think you’re ready to take it to the next level? Join our Young Mentors: Coyote Leadership Training program and put your skills to use. During this camp you will take the time to really work on core outdoor skills from all four Learning Pathways such as plant ID, fire making, tracking and awareness. You will be challenged to work together with your peers to solve problems and collaborate on projects. Plus, we will be teaching you the inside secrets of our camp instructors on how to train others to be awesome in nature.

How it Works

A Week-Long Training

Young Mentors: Coyote Leadership Training is an in-depth opportunity for teens to receive training on all the skills and knowledge involved in running camp. We view this training as essential to our CIT’s success in helping our staff to lead camps the rest of the summer. Students will:

  • Practice group management skills
  • Learn to facilitate teamwork
  • Learn to moderate student conflicts through effective communication
  • Develop Coyote Mentoring skills and the art of questioning
  • Practice outdoor skills and games that can be taught to campers

Opportunities to Teach

This camp is a prerequisite to participate in the CIT (Coyote In Training) program during the rest of the summer.


Once a student has completed their Young Mentors training, they can register for the CIT leadership opportunity during our summer camps. They will be assigned to a camp group where they will get to work with the same students for the week-long program and lead some of the activities.


Visit our camp registration system to find a CIT opportunity: