Coyote Outdoor School (COS) is an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature! Presented by Whole Earth Nature School, a trusted nature-based youth program with over 12 years of experience, Coyote Outdoor School is designed to foster a deep connection to self, community, and the land. We pride ourselves on offering a transformative experience for fifth- and sixth-grade students through immersive and experiential land-based education.

Are you a guardian or family member for a student attending Coyote Outdoor School? 

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¿Eres un guardián o un miembro de la familia de un estudiante que asistirá a la Escuela al Aire Libre Coyote

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Spring 2024 Schedule

Horario de Primavera 2024


School & Program Type

Nombre de la Escuela y Tipo de Programa

Program Dates //

Fechas del Programa

Form Due to your teacher //

Formulario debido a tu profesor


3-days only // 3 días solamente 


April 24-26

24-26 de abril

April 3

3 de abril

Awbrey Park

3-days & 2-nights // 3 días y 2 noches 


May 1-3

1-3 de mayo

April 10

10 de abril

Family School & Village School

3-days & 2-nights // 3 días y 2 noches  


May 6-8

6-8 de mayo

April 15

15 de abril


3-days & 2-nights // 3 días y 2 noches  


May 8-10

8-10 de mayo

April 17

17 de abril

Desert Sky Montessori &

Lewis and Clark Montessori

3-days & 2-nights // 3 días y 2 noches  


May 13-15

13-15 de mayo

April 22

22 de abril

Buena Vista

4-days & 3-nights // 4 días y 3 noches 


May 21-24

21-24 de mayo

April 30

30 de abril

Chinese Immersion River Road

4-days & 3-nights // 4 días y 3 noches 


May 28-31

28-31 de mayo

May 7

7 de mayo

Cesar Chavez & Spring Creek

4-days only // 4 días solamente 


June 3-6

3 al 6 de junio 

May 13

13 de mayo

We still have availability for Spring! Complete our interest form for more information.


Our season has availability:

  • May 13-16 for a three-day and two-night program
  • Opportunities for a day or overnight program April 22-25th
  • Asynchronous remote programs at any time 
  • Synchronous remote program between April and June 2024

What Sets us apart? 

At Coyote Outdoor School, we provide personalized attention and optimized learning environments through training our staff in trauma-informed care, somatic mindfulness, and inclusive educational practices. Through a curriculum embedded with Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) concepts and our highly-trained team, we strive to meet the unique behavioral needs of today’s students to optimize their learning and foster prosocial behaviors for the classroom. 

Our specially designed curriculum infuses wildcraft skills, evidence-based outdoor education pedagogy, and critical reflections of Indigenous education while meeting Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


Coyote Outdoor School services include:

  • Full-service coordination of Outdoor School program, including curriculum development, instruction, meals, lodging, training, and on-site logistics
    • School districts coordinate and pay for student transportation and teacher stipends; everything else is covered in our per student price
  • Assurance that our program prices will receive 100% state funding approved by OSU Extension for schools that qualify
  • Advice regarding Oregon State Outdoor School policies and state funding requirements
  • Overnight and day-only Outdoor School programs, ranging from 3 to 5 days
  • Student-centered, nature-centered programming that enhances student awareness, curiosity, leadership, and critical thinking
  • Hands-on experiential curriculum that meets common core and next generation science standards
  • Accessible programming for students of all backgrounds, including providing leading-edge trauma-informed and culturally responsive instruction

See Services & Deliverables for the complete list of services we provide.


Impacts of Coyote Outdoor School

We know from research on residential outdoor education programs that Outdoor School fosters student growth, confidence, and nature connection. Many students who struggle in traditional learning environments excel in experiential learning at Coyote Outdoor School. Students leave Coyote Outdoor School feeling more comfortable outdoors and ready to take on new challenges. They return to school with a greater enthusiasm to learn and a better ability to apply science to real-world situations. Teachers appreciate the opportunity to engage with their students at Outdoor School rather than leading lessons and focusing on logistics.

Have more Questions? 

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