Coyote Outdoor School canceled all in-person programs for the Spring 2020 season in response to the COVID-19 crisis. We are following all mandates and recommendations instituted by Gov. Kate Brown regarding social distancing and school closures, now and as this crisis continues to develop or subside. Oregon Outdoor School  (OSU-Extension) published options for school and district participation in Outdoor School in response to COVID-19 mandates. We are considering the response from Oregon Outdoor School and developing options for schools and districts signed up for Coyote Outdoor School in the Spring season.
We are working directly with school district leadership to provide 2021 Outdoor School programs to students whose program was canceled and/or develop alternative distance programs for Outdoor School during the Spring 2020 final term. Whether the students will participate in-person at Coyote Outdoor School next year or in a distance program this Spring depends on district policies and availability of state funds.

About Coyote Outdoor School

Coyote Outdoor School is a program of Whole Earth Nature School. Our overnight programs enhance students’ connection to self, community, and nature. Fifth- and sixth-grade students spend their days searching for wildlife signs, painting with soil, journaling plants, and exploring in the forest. Their evenings are full too as they bond with their cabin mates, share gratitude at dinner, and sing under the starry night sky. Outdoor School stories, songs, and adventures become lasting memories that empower students to be curious learners and compassionate leaders.

We work diligently to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels accepted and supported. We offer learners opportunities to cultivate relationships with nature on their own terms by engaging in sensory awareness, self-reflection, and empathetic activities. At Coyote Outdoor School, we are committed to ensuring that every student has a sense of belonging, feels welcome in our Coyote community, and supported in their immersive outdoor learning experiences. We want students to leave not only with better scientific skills and ecological understanding but also greater self-confidence, new human and non-human friends, curiosity to discover more, and gratitude for nature’s gifts.

Read about our core values, our commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, and our staff on the Whole Earth Nature School “About” page

Coyote Outdoor School services include:

  • Full-service coordination of Outdoor School program, including curriculum development, instruction, meals, lodging, training, and on-site logistics
    • School districts coordinate and pay for student transportation and teacher stipends; everything else is covered in our per student price
  • Assurance that our program prices will receive 100% state funding approved by OSU Extension for schools that qualify
  • Advice regarding Oregon State Outdoor School policies and state funding requirements
  • Overnight Outdoor School programs, ranging from 3 to 5 days
  • Student-centered, nature-centered programming that enhances student awareness, curiosity, and critical thinking
  • Hands-on curriculum that meets common core and next generation science standards

See Services & Deliverables for the complete list of services we provide.

Impacts of Coyote Outdoor School

We know from research on residential outdoor education programs that Outdoor School fosters student growth, confidence, and nature connection. Many students who struggle in traditional learning environments excel in experiential learning at Coyote Outdoor School. Students leave Coyote Outdoor School feeling more comfortable outdoors and ready to take on new challenges. They return to school with a greater enthusiasm to learn and a better ability to apply science to real-world situations. Teachers appreciate the opportunity to engage with their students at Outdoor School rather than leading lessons and focusing on logistics.

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