Confidence. Resilience. Kinship with Nature.
Your students need them to thrive.
We make it happen.

Coyote Outdoor School is the leading outdoor school provider in Lane County and the only Outdoor School recommended by Lane ESD. We offer Outdoor School field trips for 5th and 6th grade students from anywhere in Oregon. Schools can enroll in either fall or spring sessions of up to a 5-day residential outdoor school experience.

We’re embarking on our ten-year anniversary mentoring Lane County students outdoors. In 2017, we spent 50,882 hours facilitating students growth through our programs. Our professional educators train year-round to master their fields of knowledge and support youth in enhancing their comfort with new experiences. They use instructive approaches that encourage curiosity and imagination, helping kids engage in nature, have fun, and love learning.

Outdoor learning will transform your classroom as students bring back skills for academic achievement. Coyote Outdoor School meets NGSS, STEM, and Common Core standards through experiential learning and a pedagogy of inspired engagement.

Outdoor-based learning is proven to help students achieve:

  • Higher scores on standardized tests across disciplines
  • Fewer discipline and classroom management problems
  • Increased student engagement and pride in accomplishments
  • Greater proficiency in solving problems and thinking strategically
  • Better application of systems thinking and increased ability to think creatively
  • Greater enthusiasm for language arts, math, science, and social studies
  • Increased understanding of science content, concepts, and processes
  • Better ability to apply science and civic processes to real-world situations
  • Improved understanding of mathematical concepts and mastery of math
  • Better comprehension of social studies content
  • Enhanced ability to work in group settings
  • Improved communication skills and civility
  • Improved language arts skills

Source: G.A. Lieberman and L.L. Hoody, State Education and Environment Roundtable, 1998 (

Our overnight science & nature program is an experience your students will remember for life.

  • Field Studies provide hands-on experience with NGSS-based knowledge & skills.
  • Interest Groups and recreation activities provide a foundation for life-long mental, social, and physical fitness.
  • Campfire programming builds confidence and a sense of community belonging.

The “Coyote” Educational Framework

Our educational framework focuses on helping students develop holistically. Our directors and staff have all trained in “The Art of Mentoring,” as codified by international educator Jon Young and community allies beginning in 1983.

It is sometimes called “Coyote Mentoring” based on the folkloric associations of coyotes as tricksters and teachers. Coyote Mentors aspire to compel learning through inspiration, play, mentoring, role-modeling, and following the natural cycle of learning.

Coyote Mentors foster the Indicators of Awareness, holistic personal characteristics that we mentor others to develop. Think of the Indicators of Awareness as the goal, and nature study as the means to get there. For example, Coyote Mentors use the study of birds as a way to foster a quiet mind in their students. They teach animal tracking as a way to foster inquisitive focus. Evaluating students for Indicators of Awareness instead of just fact retention ensures that they have the personal characteristics that will help them succeed in any life path.

Full service Outdoor School

We’ll show you the way to making Coyote Outdoor School a reality for your students. We provide all the pre-trip lesson plans, forms, and documentation you need, so you and your families feel confident sending their students our way.

Call 541-THE-HOWL (843-4695) or email for more information and to sign-up for Coyote Outdoor School!