We are not recruiting volunteers for the 2023-2024 Coyote Outdoor School Season, please check back next year if you would like to volunteer!


Criteria for volunteering:

  • Be a high school or college student
  • Maturity, interest in leadership, open-mindedness, and a positive outlook
  • Desire to work with younger students 
  • Ability to communicate with 5th and 6th-grade students, classroom teachers, Outdoor School staff, and peers
  • Willingness to try new things and advance your learning
  • Enjoy being outside
  • Ability to contribute positively to a productive and welcoming learning environment for all
  • Attend a training (March 30-31 at Camp Lutherwood) or request accommodations and attend a makeup training (in-person and virtual opportunities available)
  • For high school student volunteers:

    • Receive written permission from school staff and parents to miss class and attend Outdoor School
    • Maintain passing grades, communicate with your teachers and school staff about missing your classes for Outdoor School, and complete makeup work for missed school days
  • For college student volunteers and volunteers 18 years and older:

    • Volunteers who are 18 and older are required to be fingerprinted and pass an Oregon Department of Education background check.

Responsibilities during Outdoor School include:

  • Assisting instructors in leading field study and supporting a positive and productive learning environment
  • Assuming responsibility for the welfare and safety of students for short periods of time (i.e., transporting a group of students to the restroom)
  • Asking for help when you need it and communicating openly with Outdoor School staff and classroom teachers
  • Setting a good example for Outdoor School participants
  • Assisting 5th and 6th grade participants with all aspects of the Outdoor School experience throughout the day

Unique volunteer experiences include:

  • Choosing your own nature name
  • Helping students with hands-on field study lessons: examining plants, looking for tracks, and digging in the dirt are just a few of the fun activities that use to learn from nature!
  • Singing silly songs and performing hilarious skits with friends around the campfire
  • Receiving mentorship and support from experienced outdoor educators
  • Spending school days outdoors
  • Playing 10-second camo (can you hide within plain sight?)
  • Eating free, tasty, fresh-cooked lunches in a camp-like setting, inclusive of dietary needs
  • Assisting with, participating in, and occasionally leading games, riddles, and wilderness skills
  • Engaging in hands-on, interest-based learning to improve your skills and learning how to facilitate this kind of learning for younger students

Internship & Credit

Coyote Outdoor School does not currently offer internship or credit opportunities, but you may be able to use your COS volunteer hours for an internship or credit opportunity at your school.

If you are interested in using this opportunity to fulfill internship requirements, contact us at contactus@wholeearth.org.