Locations & Availability

Coyote Outdoor School currently runs at two locations: SKY Camp in Fall Creek and Camp Lutherwood in Cheshire. Coyote Outdoor School chooses one site per season to run all of our Outdoor School programs. We are currently soliciting feedback from schools about their location preferences before finalizing our 2020-2021 site. 

Fall 2020 – Canceled
Coyote Outdoor School planned to launch our first fall season programs in 2020. Since we are uncertain about what COVID-19 restrictions will be in place this fall, we canceled our Fall 2020 season and will only be offering Spring 2021 dates. Even if schools are open and large groups are able to gather safely, we believe it is in the best interest of our students, staff, school partners, and site providers to allow families, students, and teachers to adjust to returning to school in Fall before sending students on an overnight Outdoor School experience.
Spring 2021 Availability 
  • Dates: March 1- June 4
  • Program length: 3-day program or 5-day program
  • Capacity: 100-120 students per program; if you have fewer students, you may be grouped with another school.
  • Site: SKY Camp or Camp Lutherwood – We have not finalized our site yet, but we do have available dates and reservations on hold.
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