Services & Deliverables

For Coyote Outdoor School overnight programs*


Coyote Outdoor School provides the following programming and accommodations:

    • Coordination of all Outdoor School logistics with the exception of state funding application, teacher stipends, and student transportation. School personnel will be asked to assist with some logistics and will receive planning materials that outline their limited responsibilities.
    • A 3- to 5-day or overnight program that includes suggested pre-trip and post-trip curriculum, field studies, interest groups or “recreation time,” campfires, meals and snacks, class meeting(s), and cabin time.
    • District and school level support to assist with Outdoor School funding application, reporting, evaluation, health forms, meeting IEP and 504 plans and aligning district and Outdoor School policies. 
    • Lodging and meals (accommodating all dietary restrictions) for students, school personnel, high school volunteers and Outdoor School staff.
    • Collaboration with schools and districts to co-create programming: Coyote Outdoor School follows an adaptive management philosophy, meaning each program and season will be evaluated, and changes will be made to improve the program. School and district leaders, teachers, nurses, students, and COS staff all provide feedback to inform these changes.
    • Customized accommodations for all students by collaborating with families and schools to discuss each student’s needs prior to the program. 
      • We have made and can make unique accommodations for students who have physical and cognitive disabilities, who experience(d) trauma, who have mental health challenges, who are neurodiverse, who are LGBQ+, and are gender non-conforming or gender non-binary.
      • We tailor our program so we can create a sense of belonging for all students, working to dismantle oppressive policies and structures that negatively impact Black, Indigenous and People of Color. We recognize that our students represent diverse populations and cultural traditions, and may have negative experiences or perceptions of spending time outdoors and spending nights away from home.

Staff Support:

  • Year-round access to Outdoor School Director to support school and district personnel
  • On-site director, assistant director, or site support to manage programs and staff
  • Skilled Outdoor School instructional staff to run engaging programs, supervise students, and mentor high school volunteers
  • Staff who are certified in CPR, first aid, and auto-epinephrine injector, and who are prepared for first aid needs and emergencies
  • Recruitment of and transportation for high school volunteers
  • Equity-centered training for staff including trauma-informed teaching, social-emotional learning, culturally responsive support strategies, and outdoor education model of BEETLES and Coyote Mentoring.

Communications and materials:

  • Regular communications and planning materials for schools and families. Districts work with Coyote Outdoor School to provide translation needs
  • In-person meeting(s) and/or conference call(s) with teachers and principals (by request)
  • Presentation to families of students attending Outdoor School for each school or district
  • Instructional materials for students and staff
  • Access to a limited gear library for students 
  • 1 wood cookie name tag, 1 field journal, 1 pencil, and 1 bandana for every person attending Outdoor School

*All services and deliverables are included in each program, whether they are 3 or 5 days long. However, our 5-day program model includes add-ons depending on the site, like wilderness skills workshops; and night programs.