Services & Deliverables for Coyote Outdoor School overnight programs*

Programming and accommodations:

  • Coordination of all Outdoor School logistics with the exception of state funding application, teacher stipends, and student transportation
    • Teachers will be asked to assist with some logistics 
  • Overnight program that includes suggested pre-trip and post-trip curriculum, field studies, interest groups or “recreation time,” campfires, meals, class meeting(s), cabin time, and daily snacks
  • Lodging and meals (accommodating all dietary restrictions) for:
    • Students 
    • School personnel 
    • High school volunteers
    • Outdoor School staff

Staff and volunteers:

  • Year-round access to Outdoor School Director to work with school and district personnel
  • On-site director/assistant director(s) to manage programs and staff
  • Skilled Outdoor School instructional staff to run engaging programs, supervise students, and mentor high school volunteers
  • Designated health coordinator or nurse to administer medications and first aid
  • Recruitment of and transportation for high school volunteers
  • Training for staff and high school volunteers

Communication & Materials:

  • Regular communications and materials 
  • In-person meeting(s) and/or conference call(s) with teachers and principals (by request)
  • Presentation to families of students attending Outdoor School for each school or district
  • Instructional materials for students and staff
  • Access to a limited gear library for students 
  • 1 wood cookie name tag, 1 field journal, 1 pencil, and 1 bandanna for every person attending Outdoor School

*All services and deliverables are included in each program, whether they are 3 or 5 days long. However, our 5-day program model includes exciting outdoor recreation add-ons, like archery, low ropes, and climbing; wilderness skills workshops; night hikes; and environmental stewardship projects.

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