COVID-19 Response

By registering for our programs, you are agreeing to our COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Policies:

This policy applies to camps, Coyote Kids!, and FOREST

This policy only applies to students enrolled in 5th-6th grade state-funded Outdoor School programs.

Individual businesses and organizations like Whole Earth Nature School are responsible for creating their own comprehensive COVID-19 policies based on the public health guidance, requirements, and recommendations relevant to them. Whole Earth Nature School’s policy may be distinct from those of local school districts or other government agencies.

Our Emergency Response Committee monitors the COVID-19 situation daily and responds to any changes in risk or changes to health authority recommendations and requirements by either 1) announcing to our staff and families that we’ll be operating at a different Risk Level (see policy) or 2) updating our policy if necessary. Updates will be recorded below so that you can easily identify what changes happened since you last read the policy.

Our operating procedures are subject to change at any time in accordance to best practices and guidance regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.  Any refund requests follow our usual refund policy.

The Risk Mitigation Policy was last reviewed and updated by the Emergency Response Committee on June 9, 2022.  This policy supersedes any of our March 2020-January 2022 policies.

FAQ & Resources for Camps, Coyote Kids!, & FOREST:

My child has some symptoms of illness or was exposed to someone who may have COVID-19. What are our next steps?

I was informed that we need to isolate/quarantine. How long and what other measures do we need to take? (Let us know you are isolating/quarantining at

What are the best masks to wear if I prefer my child to wear one at programs?

How can my child become fully vaccinated against COVID-19?

What layers of mitigation does your program include? (Whole Earth utilizes all Health & Safety Measures outlined by the CDC & OHA except for requiring student vaccination or testing).

How can I learn more about COVID-19 and health authority guidance?

Where can I see current data about the effects of COVID-19 in our community?