Cutting Edge

Ages 9-12
Learn all about using cutting tools. Plus, make your own knife!

Do you love to carve and whittle? Want to learn? This is the camp for you. We will begin the week by crafting our own knife and sheath using high quality Swedish stainless steel blade blanks, a chunk of wood for the handle, and some thick leather. The rest of the week we will learn all sorts of useful ways to put our tools to work for us. But before we can start everyone must learn the 5 knife safety rules.

Once everyone is ready to carve safely we will start with the basics of how to hold an edged tool and operate it efficiently. Eventually we will graduate to more advanced knife use techniques. We will also be exploring the basics of how to use some other edged tools like axes. Finally, we will be learning about how to care for a knife and keep it sharp.

This camp has a heavy emphasis on safety. Knives are tools that need to be treated with respect. Our instructors practice a zero-tolerance policy for any campers who do not take the knife rules seriously. We do expect that some kids will cut themselves. It is a natural part of the learning process. However, it is our commitment to keep every student safe while working with edged tools. See our article on knife safety for the 5 basic knife safety rules.

Make a stainless steel knife and leather sheath to take home
Learn the 5 knife safety rules
Learn advanced knife techniques
Learn how to safely use an axe

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