fire, Fire, FIRE!

Fire is an important tool which provides us with many benefits. It gives us light, cooks our food, helps us to make tools, helps us to purify water in the woods, keeps us warm and was used for thousands of years to manage our unique valley ecosystem. Fire can also be destructive which is why at Whole Earth Nature School our teachings about fire begin and end with safety. When used safely, fire can be a wonderful thing.

fire, Fire, FIRE! is all about understanding and respecting the amazing gift of fire. During this camp kids will learn how to collect dry tinder and fuel even in wet weather. They will learn how to prepare a safe fire pit. They will learn how to build a proper fire stucture. They will learn about different ways of igniting fires, including using wood friction. They will learn how to safely manage and extinguish a fire. And they will also get to make their own warm tea from wild plants growing in the area.

Please Note: We take fire safety very seriously at Whole Earth Nature School. All of our staff are professionals and will ensure that all participants understand the potential hazards of fire and how to be safe around fire. Any child that is not willing to be respectful of the rules and guidelines for fire safety will be removed from any active fire-making activity. Finally, all of our staff are required to keep their first aid certifications current and up to date.

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