Fortnight in the Forest

Waitlist onlyAges 9-12
Develop your F.O.R.T. skills and save the world

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After the storm came, the world was never quite the same. Now it’s up to you to rebuild: forts & more! But it’s a hazardous job. You will need to work together with your team. Every member of the team will have unique skills and contributions to add to your mission. What will be your role? Constructor? Outlander? Together with your team you will need to develop and hone your F.O.R.T. skills. Develop Fortitude through learning about wild medicinal herbs. Develop Offense by practicing archery at our range and playing safe foam arrow games. Develop Resistance by overcoming team challenges. Develop Tech ability through creating traps and gadgets. It’s up to you to save the world. (But it’s okay to dance while you’re at it!)

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