Fox Den

Evening time is family time — and Willamette Valley families can create deep nature connections together! Every Wednesday we’ll delve into the natural world together as we explore: Nature Crafts, Ancient Skills, Storytelling and Games!

Parents are welcome to participate with their children, but parent participation is not required for children over 4. (However, it is required that all parents stay on the premises while their children are attending the Fox Den program.)

LOCATION: Cafe Yumm! at the Meridian Building on 18th & Willamette
DATES: Every Wednesday, Oct 16th through May (unless noted on this Fox Den page)
TIME: 5:30-7:00pm

Weekly Schedule

5:30 pm – Welcome Activities
Head into the room that connects to the front patio and join us at our big table! Parents tend to congregate around the perimeter but are welcome to join in the activities. 

5:40 pm – Fun & Educational Activities
Lonestar and friends will guide Fox Denizens in making crafts, playing games, puzzling over riddles, and learning ancient skills, just like at our Coyote Kids and summer nature camp programs! See our Monthly themes to get a sense of which activities and topics we’ll be covering.

6:00 pm – Dinner, Gratitude, and Stories
We all sit down to eat together! We’ll give a call-out shortly before dinner time to remind parents to either order food from Cafe Yumm (so it will be out at the right time) or break out their bagged dinners/snacks. We’ll share what we’re thankful about from our week as we dive into dinner. Then, hear adventures of Whole Earth Nature School staff and mythic stories of animals and people across the world. We’ll also give children a chance to share their nature stories from the week.

6:30 pm – Fun & Educational Activities (cont.)

6:50 pm Closing Circle & Reintegration
This integral part of the Coyote Mentoring teaching method wraps up the event, teaches stewardship, and helps kids think about how they can take what they learned with them into their lives.

Monthly Themes

Each month we’ll go through a rotation of activities around a theme.

For more fun, dress up based on the month’s theme!

October: NinjaCats – Practice skills from our Way of the Cougar learning pathway: stealth, navigation, and intuition. Master all four elements (air, earth, fire, water) to become as sneaky and invisible as a cougar.

November: School of Wizardry  Make a wand and learn spells and potions based on local plants, and how to track magical beasts
No Fox Den on 11/27/19 for Thanksgiving Break.

December: Survival Island  Practice skills from our Way of the Wolverine learning pathway: survival, rimitive tools, and first-aid. Learn how to craft, scout, and track just like Tom Brown Jr. and hear epic stories of the master tracker’s adventures.

No Fox Den on 12/25/19 for Winter Break.

January: Detective Whoo –Practice the skills from our Way of the Owl learning pathway: natural history, increased awareness, and tracking. Solve natural mysteries to help out Detective Sherlock Whoo!

No Fox Den 1/1/20 for Winter Break.

February: Nature Hacker – Learn how to live your favorite video games in the forest through Fort Night, Mine Crafters, Lara Croft: Forest Raider, and Way of the Jedi. Learn some of our more challenging skills in crafting, navigation, and intuition.

No Fox Den 2/27/19 for Spring Break.

March: Druids of Procyon  Practice skills from our Way of the Raccoon learning pathway: botany, wildcrafting, and caretending. Find your own place in nature to call your Grove where you can tend to plants, eat wild edibles, and speak to birds.

AprilForests of Avalon – Help the Tinker Faeries with their engineering, make fair crowns at the Feast of Flowers, make a miniature elven garden, and learn to craft arrows and celtic knots like the best Brave Archer.

May: The Long Journey – Go on epic quests to sneak up on the dragon Smaug, find the North Pole with Winnie the Pooh, and cross the dangerous rivers of the Oregon Trail.