Lara Craft: Forest Raider

Almost full!Ages 9-12
Ready for a perilous action-adventure in archaeology?

Almost full!

This camp is for people who want to:
– Move through treacherous environments with ease
– Traverse diverse landscapes seeking survival resources and relics
– Craft gear from natural and found resources
– Complete challenges to show your achievements in bow, fire, and stealth
– Imagine themselves in an adventure based on real historical explorers!

On an island off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, the ex-military group Knights of Drake is tromping through the forest seeking the Totem of Power. Fortunately, a team of adventurers (including you!) has the journals of Lara Croft, who previously explored this area in search of the totem. Will your group be able to use stealth, survival, and wit to reach the ancient relic before Knights of Drake goons? Will you prove as fearless as Lara Croft and save the day?

During this camp…

You’re a Survivor:
You can’t stop moving, whether that means scaling a cliff or running through a gauntlet of traps. Your animal instincts allow you to spot dangers and resources from afar, and your survival skills mean that stones, hides, and wood are all you need to make yourself awesome gear. You need nothing more than a fire to feel at home.

You’re a Hunter:
You are one with your bow, and you won’t stop practicing until you can hit challenging targets with speed and precision. You have other tools as well though: a sharp hatchet, a keen knife, and the traps you’ve built from what you’ve found. Whether in a fast-paced duel or a stealthy hunt through the forest, you see failure as only an opportunity to do

You’re an Archaeologist:
Archivist maps are the keys to finding ancient relics and puzzling ruins. You put the pieces together and unlock epic stories lost to time. Not all artifacts are meant to be trifled with, however. Discover your destiny as an action hero and shape the story that unfolds.

Ready for a perilous action-adventure in archaeology?

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