Living off the Land

Almost full!Ages 4-12
Learn modern, historical, and pre-historical ways humans thrived in nature.

Ages 6-8 and 9-12 almost full! For other age groups, register to get on the waitlist. 

Even when we’re not in a survival situation, we rely on the earth for so many things! And the more we live in harmony with nature, the more we enjoy a sense of peaceful well-being. Humans have always been specialists in forming communities that adapt to a wide variety of environments. In this camp, students will learn traditional ecological knowledge, ancient skills, and modern homesteading skills. Instructors will introduce students to a variety of skills so they can begin to get a sense of the role they are inspired to take within a community that lives with the land. In addition to learning many Way of the Raccoon skills, students will have projects to take home so they can share with others the ways that humans can integrate with nature. Projects vary by age group. Instructors will also share stories from their lives and those of other inspirational folks across cultures.

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