Lost Boys

Almost full!Ages 6-12
Celebrate what it means to be a boy!

Almost full!

Celebrate what it means to be a boy! If you like to carve on sticks, use bows and arrows, track animals, sneak through the woods, use safe foam swords, build forts, or just run, this camp is for you. This week we will explore honor, self-respect, wisdom, and the responsibility that comes with being a boy. We will also give the boys lots of opportunity to be boys. Activities like whittling will become opportunities to have fun while learning about setting safe and appropriate boundaries for ourselves.

Boys will:
Learn to stay “found” in the wilderness
Safely climb trees
Build forts
Practice natural camouflage
Sneak through the forest
Track wildlife
Play stealth games with safe foam bows and arrows
Practice archery and learn archery safety rules
Practice friction fire making

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