Prehistoric Adventures

Waitlist onlyAges 4-6
Track dinosaurs and learn the skills of prehistoric people!

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Okay, okay… we know dinosaurs and homo habilis existed in different prehistoric times, but aren’t they both so fun to learn about?!

In this camp, students will take on two roles:

They’ll get to play paleontologist and archeologist by studying rocks, fossils, signs of humans, and animal tracks across diverse landscapes. In the process, they’ll learn and deepen their skills of observation, communication, collaboration, deduction, and storytelling. They may even find T-Rex tracks or a dinosaur egg!

They’ll also get to play prehistoric humans and learn about the technologies that helped shape our evolution. We’ll learn how to safely shape rocks into tools, make art and body paint from nature, and make wooden tools without needing to carve with a knife. Ancient humans did more than “hunting and gathering,” they had fun with all sorts of projects!

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