Raised By Wolves!

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Unleash your inner wild-child

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It is early summer and the human-wolf pups are just old enough to move from their den to a “rendezvous” site, a safe place where young wolves can practice their skills under the watch of an adult pack member while the rest of the pack goes out to hunt.  It is time for the human-wolf pups practice being a wolf through play and get to know their territory.*

Unleash your inner Wild Child at Raised by Wolves. Our camp instructors will be your pack leaders for the week as you develop all the skills of the wilds. Learn to move as a pack through the woods without disturbing the birds and alerting others to your presence. Create your own “den” in the forest. Learn to track wildlife using your nose, just like a wolf. Living in the woods and among the wolves changes you in powerful ways. You will develop confidence, strength, teamwork, and awareness. Hopefully your parents still recognize you when you get home.


– Scent-tracking games
– Building a den and puppy-style play
– Cooperative sneaking games

*This camp features a Wildkin Adventure Curriculum!

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