Whole Earth Nature School is proud to offer need-based scholarships to families who would like to attend our nature programs. At this time, the scholarships that are available are for a 25% or 50% discount off program tuition. (May depend on scholarship fund availability. Qualified scholarships are awarded on a first-come first-served basis.) 

Please see below for additional information and program-specific eligibility. 

How to Apply

Online Registration

  1. Register for the camps you would like using any registration button on our website.
  2. Pay a 25% deposit (refundable if your scholarship application is not approved)
  3. Complete our Scholarship Application Form. The link to the form can be found in your confirmation email.
  4. Receive notice of your award within two weeks of our receiving your application.
  5. Call us to accept your award and pay your balance within two weeks.
  6. If an award is not granted, you may still choose to pay full price. Your spot will be held for up to two weeks (or up to one week prior to the start of the program–whichever comes first), but if you do not claim the spot within that timeframe we will automatically issue a refund of your deposit and give that spot to another participant.



We receive multiple camp registrations every day as we approach summer, therefore we need additional time to complete our evaluation of your scholarship request. All scholarship applications for Summer Nature Camps must be received a minimum of four weeks prior to program start in order to allow time for processing.


All scholarship applications for our school year nature programs must be received a minimum of seven days prior to program start in order to allow time for processing. (If you have a special circumstance and wish to apply with fewer days before the start of the program, please contact us and we will evaluate our ability to do so on a case-by-case basis.)

Please note that in order to make scholarships available to the greatest number of families we have implemented the following limitations. Each student may receive scholarships for up to the following during one calendar year:

  1. Two weeks of summer day camps (may include up to one week of overnight camp)
  2. One Coyote Kids! program per semester (or one FOREST program per year)
  3. One “Weekend Nature Camps” 3-week series per semester
  4. Any number of Winter Break/Spring Break single-day camps.

Please contact us if you are interested in applying for a scholarship beyond these limitations and we will assess our scholarship fund pool.