School of Wizardry

Waitlist onlyAges 4-12
A mysterious invitation arrives by owl one day...

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A mysterious invitation arrives by owl one day*.

Inscribed on parchment paper, it hints at a strange world full of magical creatures, powerful wizards, and mysterious spells. Signed in green ink by Headmaster Edwin Reestophilus, it tells you that you are headed to the Corvis School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

What is this school you ask? Why Corvis is the premier nature wizarding and witchcraft school in all of North America! Many of the other students from magical families have been waiting their whole lives to attend this school. Held entirely outside in the magical forest you are sure to be in for some fun nature-themed adventure.

Upon arrival you are sorted by the Sorting Hat into your houses and handed your class list. It shows the following classes:
– Herbology (the study of plants and their uses)
– Transfiguration (how to move like an animal)
– Divination (using your sixth sense, intuition)
– Potions (wild plant teas)
– Defense Against the Dark Arts (protection from dark wizards)
– Care and Study of Magical Creatures (tracking and animal studies)
– Invisibility (how to travel unseen in the magic forest)

Plus, there is a poster on the wall that says there are tryouts for a strange game called Quidditch!

Have fun, you are in for a magical experience!

*Please note, to receive a parchment invitation you must enroll at least one month prior to camp.

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