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Whole Earth Nature School reaches over a thousand kids each year in our community and helps them reconnect with their natural environment. These kids come away more confident and better able to thrive in the world. Your contribution is essential to our successful operation. We depend on your generous gifts to continue to provide deep nature connection opportunities to kids in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon.

We give scholarships to over 100 students every year who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend our programs due to financial hardship. Your generous donation will allow us to offer more opportunities to low income families to connect with nature.


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Story circle:

Growing up was not always easy for me. During my key formative years, I became very concerned with how the world viewed me, and was frequently overwhelmed in school and other social settings. One of my most powerful memories of my nearly 10 years with Whole Earth is from my first year attending Big Bear Village. I was 14, about to start my freshman year of high school, and I was in the very early stages of my transition from female to male. I had some concerns about attending an overnight camp, but all of my fears dissipated upon arrival. I got along well with the other boys at camp, the staff were supportive of my needs, and on the final night when we were taken into the woods to sleep in shelters, I was graciously welcomed into the boys circle of shelters, and built mine amongst theirs. In the setting of nature camps, regular social norms did not seem to matter. I had trouble making friends at school, but I always bonded closely with my peers at camp, as we all shared a common interest in our love for the outdoors. Those boys who accepted me as one of them are still some of my closest friends. Now that we’re all older, we plan our own outdoor excursions and and continue to teach ourselves new skills to be practiced.

 Learning survival skills helped me feel comfortable in nature, where everything is much simpler than in society. Now, as a young adult coming of age, I still often retreat to little patches of wilderness to clear my head of the complexity of my modern life. Being so confident in my skills of the outdoors motivates me to stay active and get outside as much as possible, which is great for both my mental and physical well being. These days my passion has been directed more towards mentoring others. My proudest accomplishment is being able to work as a volunteer Summer Nature Camp instructor. It was incredibly rewarding to be able to take the skills I had been taught as a young kid and pass them on to the next generation of nature-loving kids. Having the opportunity to volunteer and work as an instructor has felt like a childhood dream come true.

 From my experience as a pupil, and later as an instructor, I first recognized my passion for nature and later for teaching. Combining the joy of mentoring eager students with my deep love for all things outdoors, I have begun to set goals for myself to work towards future careers. After graduating high school this spring I will be headed to the University of Oregon this fall to begin exploring studies that will allow me to grow and pass on my knowledge of wilderness skills. I have dreams of someday running my own nature programs inspired by the teachings of Whole Earth Nature School.

-Travis age 18

What impact does my donation have?

  • $1000 sustains an entire Equity Project school giving all children the same opportunity to experience deep nature connection in their own neighborhood through our Coyote Kids! afterschool program.
  • $500 grants a teen in our F.O.R.E.S.T. program a one-on-one mentor for a full year, supporting appropriate risk taking and empowering her to be one of the next generation of nature mentors.
  • $250 gives a homeschool child a welcoming social structure and two professional nature mentors for an entire semester of Acorn Homeschool.
  • $100 provides the means for a six year old to develop a personal relationship with nature in his school neighborhood, through Coyote Kids!
  • $50 allows a third grader to discover her inner strength while making fire-by-friction at our winter break day camp.

Your gift of any amount supports our efforts to foster compassionate and confident youth through experiencing kinship with nature.