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Each year, Whole Earth Nature School reaches thousands of kids with our mission of developing stronger confidence, resilience, and kinship with nature. Students develop real outdoor skills while also cultivating improved inquisitive focus, empathy, patience, humility, cooperation, self-sufficiency, awareness, quiet mind, and a sense of aliveness.

Your contribution is essential to our successful operation. We depend on your generous gifts to continue to provide deep nature connection opportunities to kids in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon.

What impact does my donation have?

  • $1000 sustains an entire Equity Project school giving all children the same opportunity to experience deep nature connection in their own neighborhood through our Coyote Kids! afterschool program.
  • $500 grants a teen in our F.O.R.E.S.T. program a one-on-one mentor for a full year, supporting appropriate risk taking and empowering her to be one of the next generation of nature mentors.
  • $250 gives a homeschool child a welcoming social structure and two professional nature mentors for an entire semester of Coyote Kids! Homeschool.
  • $100 provides the means for a six year old to develop a personal relationship with nature in his school neighborhood, through Coyote Kids!
  • $50 allows a third grader to discover her inner strength while making fire-by-friction at our winter break day camp.

Your gift of any amount supports our efforts to foster compassionate and confident youth through experiencing kinship with nature.


Contact us about services or materials you can provide, or to ask what our needs are.

You can also volunteer to work with students directly.