Survival Island

Almost full!Ages 6-12
Wilderness skills, resilience, and community will win the day!

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A plane headed home to Oregon makes an emergency landing before reaching its destination. The passengers are now stranded, lost in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. As soon as they have their bearings they realize their challenge: they must face the elements and their own level of grit to make it through each day until rescue comes. Shelter, fire, water, medicine, and food can no longer be taken for granted. They must be sought out, worked for, earned. Fortunately, each survivor brings a skill and a playful sense of adventure. Being “stuck” in nature is hardly a hardship at all; in fact, it can be super fun! Catching critters, building forts, making things, breaking things… Working together they can accomplish anything with just a little practice, a few things from nature, and a lot of determination.

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