Tinker Fairy

Almost full!Ages 4-6
What will you create?

Almost full!

What’s a Tinker Fairy? Well, Tinkers fix things. Do you like to design, make, repair and create? This is a great camp for you. Using your fairy magic and a bit of clever ingenuity you will be able to solve puzzles and challenges. First you will need to assemble your Tinkers Tool Box. String is an important item that you rely on a lot. You can learn to make your own. You will also be able to fashion your own tools out of stones and wood. Make pounders, scrapers, grinders and more. Tinkers also rely on Pixie Dust. You will be need to invent a Pixie Dust gatherer so that you can maintain a good supply. With a little creativity you can invent your way out of any situation.

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