Cutting Edge: Tool Skills

Almost full!Ages 9-12
Learn all about using cutting tools.

Almost full!

Do you like working with wood? Are you ready to master the tools of the trade?

Part of what makes us human is tool use, and we’ve been using all sorts of tools to shape wood for hundreds of thousands of years. We may have started with just grinding sticks on rocks, but now we have all kinds of tools to help us work with wood. Axes, saws, knives, chisels…

You’ll learn to make things like walking sticks, spirals, and whistles. We’ll start with safe and appropriate use of tools for basic functions, and then move on to some more advanced techniques.

This camp has a heavy emphasis on safety. Sharp tools need to be treated with respect. Our instructors practice a zero-tolerance policy for any campers who do not take the tool use rules seriously. Some students may get cuts, especially when whittling small projects; it is a natural part of the learning process. However, it is our commitment to keep every student safe while working with edged tools. See our article on knife safety for the 5 basic knife safety rules.

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