Wild Girls

Ages 6-12
Celebrate what it means to be a girl!

If you have ever wanted to be Julie of the Wolves or Alice Gribley from On the Far Side of the Mountain then this is the camp for you. Led by female instructors we will learn the skills to be at home in the wilderness. Track coyotes and deer and learn the habits of the wildlife in your backyard. Rub wood together and make fire with your own hands. Walk with the plants and learn safe eating, harvesting and medicine-making. Listen to inspiring stories of girls in nature and weave a few tales of your own. Wild Girls camp features a special field trip in partnership with the River House to go tree climbing in a giant redwood tree.

Girls will:
Learn to stay “found” in the wilderness
Safely Climb Trees
Learn edible and medicinal plants
Track wildlife
Practice friction fire making
Practice natural camouflage
Sneak through the forest
Track wildlife
Play stealth games with safe foam bows and arrows
Practice archery and learn archery safety rules.

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